/ Special Class with Ernie Reyes Jr.

On behalf of Zainab and I please pass along our heartfelt gratitude for the excellent class that Master Reyes taught today. It was wonderful and a rare honor to train with him and we enjoyed his class very much. Thank you, too, for having him out.

Aamer J

We had another great class tonight. I am really glad I got to meet Master Ernie Reyes Jr. He is as Sensei Fariborz said, with both character and competence. It is hard to explain, but he had a sorting of calming effect when he would speak. I just felt at ease when listening to him, but still prepared. I am definitely going to try keeping my "abs on" whenever I can. I may try using progression a bit more than usual while teaching as well.

Ryan R

Dear Mr. Fariborz this is my personal experience for the special class with Ernie Reyes Jr.
The special class with Ernie Reyes Jr. was cool because I could actually see how he only focuses on how well your kick is and how good your form is instead of focusing on how strong it is, and if you could knock someone out.
He was very inspirational and like you said, Mr. Fariborz, he is both confident and a good teacher. I am excited for all the other special guest and I'm looking forward to see their different personalites.

Darian A

Another great class experience with another special guest speaker. Sensei Ernie Reyes Jr.
Cowabunga! would not justify the experience. Great warm-up and stretch,. Simple but unique and helpful. Some times we are so involved with remembering so many moves and bering mindful we forget a simple things "abs-on". When Sensei Reyes mentioned that and why we should work on it, build , strengthen it the light went on. How to drive your stand into the ground and many other ways to clean you moves and kicks.
Thank you Sensei Fariborz and Sensei Reyes for another notch on my belt.

Hooman T

It was very nice meeting Mr. Ernie Reyes Jr. The class was very fun. The class went by very quick. I had a lot of fun and learned to ABS ON - TUMMY TIGHT. I learned about momentum and really loved the last part when Mr. Reyes did 5 kicks using his turning momentum. We did a lot of kicks, while holding onto our partner's shoulders. Working with a partner was fun too.

Kai A

Thank for taking the time to stop by our dojo and share your passion of martial arts with us. I loved your message about focusing on our core and always keep it active when practicing. I will do my best to be mindful of core making it always TURNED ON and ACTIVE when I am training. I appreciate you making the class fun, I had great time performing all the different exercises and stretching routines.
By the way, I am grateful for the work you are doing with Dignity Kids Charity. I think what you are doing is a wonderful extension of your gifts as a martial arts and leader, especial the bully prevention education. Thanks for inspiring me.
P.S. Cannot wait to see the NCISLA episode your filmed this week!

Richard N

Meeting and training with this man was truly an honor. Mr. Fariborz was correct when he referred to him as a man of character and competence. He could have just shown up. He could have just smiled and told us about himself and taught us a few things. He could have sat back and let us remain impressed with his story and film reviewsbut he didnt. He taught and participated 100%. His energy is contagious. His skill set is very impressive. I truly appreciate the level of patience with his work with us as students. He provided such specific corrective feedback. I appreciated the time that he took to correct my movements, form and kicks. He asked me to work on the changes, go back and do it again until I got it right. He then helped me see my mistakes, and my corrections. He did this with many of the students. What an honorable moment.

Sharon V

I had the previlege of attending Sensei Ernie Reyes Jr's class.
In the class, I learned about keeping my mid-section tight and how it controls the upper body motion in relation to the lower body. Such a simple thought. I'll remember "Abs-on" not just when in class but in day-to-day activities as well.
I also enjoyed breaking up the kicks, spinning kicks into smaller subsegments and doing it progressively. Reminded me of breaking up complex steps into simpler ones - something I relearned in the "BBC Ground Rules" meeting.
A great class.
Thank you Sensei for arranging Sensei Ernie Reyes Jr's seminar.

Siva K

I was really excited for this class from the get go, having great memories of the seminar I took with Ernie Reyes Sr. when I was testing for my black belt a few years ago. I remembered the class being so high energy, and the same held true tonight! The class focused on two muscle groups that I consider to be in my strong suit: legs and abdomen. The simple techniques that we were exposed to, focusing on steadying the body and keeping loose, maintaining our momentum (nice connection to my physics class!), are things that I feel will really stay with me. Throughout the class we were encouraged to be loose, but conscious, keeping us mindful, in line with our theme for 2015 Black Belt Candidates. Thank you sir, for this great class! I really feel that I will carry these techniques forward with me in my training.

Katherine C

Wednesday evening class with Sensei Ernie Rays Jr. was a great experience.
He gave us drills that focused on practicing foundation:
1. Strong core - "abs up", cause our body movement to be as one, connect our top to bottom.
Allows us to "take" light hits.
2. Balance - having balance is key to other abilities like kicks, landing, etc.
3. Accuracy - being mindful of our target. 4. At the end he put it together, to build up in baby steps for a spinning kick. "Inch by inch, its a cinch; yard by yard, its hard; mile by mile, its a trial." Sensei Ernie wanted the class to be about training together and having fun, it sure was!

Ronit S


Words really can not express how I feel or what I want to say. The past 3 years I have spent at TKC have been awesome. I have learned so much and met so many amazing people. I have surpassed limits that I never thought I could break through. Although times my demeanor or body language might not show it, I have the utmost respect for you and everyone at TKC as well. You may not remember the first time we met, but I have not forgotten it. Right then I did not see what was going to happen to me at TKC, but now I realize how much it has changes me and made me into a better person. You have positively changed so many lives and I only hope to change a few in the same way. Thank you for all you have done for me and all you will do for me.

Ronald Rochel

3rd Degree Black Belt

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