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Team Karate Centers, Inc. is a team of highly motivated individuals dedicated to the development of character and inner peace characterized by superb quality and economic viability. Our strength is generated from our commitment to our students, our people, our industry and our communities.

Our students and clients

We are committed to providing our students with high quality instruction and responsive management services and creating enjoyable and productive learning, living and working environments. We are fair, honest, courteous and professional. We are sensitive to our students needs and dedicated to their satisfaction.

Our Staff

We are committed to the recruitment and development of best individuals in our industry. We provide our staff opportunities to grow and a vested interest in the success of the company. We maintain an open-door policy at all level, encouraging the flow of communication and exchange of ideas. We recognize the importance of each individual and his or her active role in the success of the entire company. We expect that TKC will be known for their character, commitment and competence.

Our Industry

We are committed to leading the martial arts industry by our integrity, mastery, innovation, student satisfaction and personal growth.

Our Communities

We are committed to the enhancement of the communities of which we are a part, through our leadership and active participation in community affairs. Team Karate Centers, Inc. is a model of excellence in approach, in service and in the results attained. This is the TKC way.

Our Style

The definition of TKC style of martial arts:
Live / Physical Striking, Joint locks, Take downs, Grappling and submissions, Weapons (Traditional and Non Traditional)
Learn / Mental KAIZEN through constant and never ending improvement in what we do and who we are. Awareness of our environment, recognizing and avoiding trouble.
Love / Emotional Building a positive self-image, long lasting relationships and a positive family and Learning to appreciate and enjoy the journey
Leave a Legacy / Spiritual Philosophy and character building


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