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Dear Mr. Fariborz, I was so overwhlemed at the Spectacular on Saturday. When I saw you, I wanted to break into tears, run up and give you a big hug because I realized how much I"ve missed you, but you were always surrounded by people, and immersed in conversation... and it was other people"s big day so I stood back. I do miss you and TKC, and I don"t think I realized how long I"ve been away until I showed up and people looked so shocked to see me, or asked "what are you doing here?" To me it is still home, and in my mind I have not gone away. I have been dealing with "urgent and important" matters so often now, but not a day goes by that I don"t think of driving up the 101 to TKC because it is important... but it hasn"t been urgent. So I just want to tell you how much I care, and I want to visit soon and go light on the email, because while emailing is convenient, I know you are bombarded with emails every day, and sometimes it can seem impersonal, so I would rather talk to you in person. Please be patient with me and my absence. I hope you know how much I value everything you give. I can"t say it enough.

Thank you, and much love, Jill

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