Amir Khalighi
Mr. Robert embodies all that I look up to as a teacher. His heart is in everything he does and asks for nothing in return.

Rick Binder
My first teacher and still the one that stands out. Thank you Mr. Robert

Ziv Rechany
Dear Mr. Robert….
It’s been many years since I’ve seen him….
I remember my black belt ceremony, just before I walked forward to Mr. Fariborz and the rest of the TKC instructors, Mr. Robert shared with me a few pearls of wisdom….
I miss my days at the dojo…

Becky Yancey McQuilling
My teacher and friend, I am proud to say he’s both.

Glenn A. Dietz
Mr. Robert was the reason I stuck through two knee surgeries and continued on.

Maral Joon
Mr. Robert!!!
I never got to enjoy his teaching (Nima did and raved), but all around AWESOME human being with a great heart.

Jennifer Grover-Solter
He is an amazing man!

Allison Mosa
Mr. Robert is one of a kind, he is a master in his own right.

Jason Lau
No one knows this but last year when he was talking to me in my ear before I walked down the candles for my 3rd. I turned around hugged him and told him he will always outrank me. I truly meant it. Writing this gives me chills.

Jen Enrich-Wills
Mr Roberts is awesome! Great role model! I loved hearing your pep talks before all the rank exams. You’re very inspirational and admirable! Dont ever change!

Kia Andersson
Dearest Mr. Robert! It’s a true blessing to have shared one of my greatest achievements with you!

Ricky Ricardo
Mr. Robert is one of my TKC heroes and mentors! Oss thanks for all that you do sir!

Aamer Jamali
I couldn’t agree more. He is one of the people that makes TKC truly special.

Kirstin Rochel
Mr. Robert is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! He has a huge heart and I love his amazingly positive attitude. He inspires me!