Visited the Self Realization Center today. We were told by three staff that “kids don’t do well in the 30 min meditations” discouraging us from bringing them. I assume for fear that the kids would disrupt the guided meditation. It was enough pressure that I argued with Ali about it. Thought I should just wait outside with Evie. But she insisted. We went in. We were seated in the back of the room closest to the door by the third person with a concerned look.

Not only did the kids make it the entire session without disruptions, they weren’t even the first out the door, and Alex was still meditating when half the place was empty and Evie and I had left. He was in it.

I give credit to their practice at TKC. (And, sure, as a proud dad, I give them a little credit too. 😉

Ali and I have been there before, but this was a special experience. Thanks for everything!