Hi Sensei,

I recently tested on Saturday, April 27, 2024, and I wanted to express my gratitude and my happiness from my recent test. I am currently a brown belt at this time. I learned that my belt does not always need to be on physically for me to show that I am a brown belt. My belt does not define me and make me different from anyone else. This taught me about the bigger thought in being a brown belt and holding a rank in general. It showed me that even if you don’t have a brown belt physically that does not mean that you didn’t earn it, don’t have the rank, or don’t deserve it. I wanted to talk about the specific things that I noticed and took note of during testing.

During the testing I learned numerous things but one that stood out to me especially was this : Even when it doesn’t seem like people are watching they are. Both you and Sensei Josh told me just the other day about how I was not being tested on my forms because you have seen me do my forms and that what is on the banner is not my only requirement. Moreover, my requirements are to know everything that I have been tested on for my previous belts along with newer concepts and tactics/requirements on the banner. This helped to shed light on a new perspective in my eyes and allowed me to understand that requirements are just a part of the test but in reality, there is always a bigger picture in the making.

Furthermore, you also showed me and the others testing that by working together, everything can be achieved. Selfishness and greediness can never be the answer and to always look out for one another and stick together to help each other in rough times. I can not thank you enough for the experience you have given me and the ways you have helped me grow as an overall person. I have flourished because of your teachings and ways of seeing the world. You have made me realize that there is no one way of living life and these are the things that make me want to test over and over again and keep me motivated to be an active TKC member. I hope to continue learning and flourishing as there is no extent or limit to life and the possibilities granted with it.

With that, thank you so much for teaching both me and my sister and I hope to one day test for my black belt under your teachings. Have a great rest of your day!

With all my love and gratitude,