The TKC App

Tier 1
Included in TKC Tuition for all TKC active students and Black Belt Alumni 

Tier 2
$35 a month for all Non TKC members. (Sign Up Here)
Includes access to all rank curriculum list and instructional videos

Tier 3 (most popular)
$75 a month (Sign Up Here)
Includes everything in tier 2 plus the following individual courses:
Parkour, Grappling, Kali, Joint Locks, Boxing, Kickboxing, Staff, Nunchakus, Knife, Cane, Tonfa (PR-24), S.W.A.T (instructor training) and Meditation.
This is the perfect solution for those who want to add some new curriculum materials to their existing curriculum.

Tier 4 (Your Personal Success Coach)
$150 a month (Sign Up Here)
Includes everything in tier 3 plus I will help you develop your own business and curriculum systems.

How to download the App

Step 1) Download the “Skool” community app for your App Store (with a Yellow icon)
Step 2) Click here and ask to join the community
Step 3) Your request to join will be pending till the appropriate payment plan has been selected and paid for.