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Our students develop strength, concentration and focus, social skills and discipline, self-respect and respect for others, and a higher level of self worth that helps them in school, at home, and wherever they go.

Top 5 Reasons to Join Team Karate Centers: 

  1. Experience our fun and safe environment for kids, teens, and adults. 
  2. Build strength, fitness and confidence.
  3. Improve your concentration and focus.
  4. Be part of the largest and longest running martial arts studio in the Valley with more than 30 years of experience.
  5. No special skills or experience required to get started. We train all levels, from beginners to advanced martial artists.

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Team Karate Centers Student Creed

To build true confidence
through knowledge in the mind
honesty in the heart
and strength in the body.

To keep friendships
with one another
and to build a strong and happy community.

Never fight
to achieve
selfish ends
but to develop
might for right!