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What you will receive:

 Access to private facebook group for each rank and age group to view all the videos and comments.
 Download pdf file with list of all curriculum explained in detail along with individual links to videos.
 Access to actual video files to download for your own private use.
 NON TKC active students can test for each rank through video.

Special Offer:

All Junior Curriculum from White to 1st Degree Black Belt Only $450 (you save $350)
All Teens / Adults Curriculum from White to 1st Degree Black Belt Only $450 (you save $350)
Both Juniors and Adults from White to 1st Degree Black Belt Only $699 (you save $750)


  Rank Fee Juniors Only Teens / Adults Only
  White Belt
All requirements from White to Orange Belt
$49 each

Orange Belt
All requirements from Orange to Yellow Belt
$59 each

Yellow Belt
All requirements from Yellow to Green Belt
$69 each

Green Belt
All requirements from Green to Blue Belt
$79 each

Blue Belt
All requirements from Blue to Brown Belt
$89 each

Brown Belt
All requirements from Brown to Red Belt
$99 each

Red Belt
All requirements from Red to Red/Black Belt
$109 each

Red/Black Belt
All requirements from Red/Black to 1st Degree Black Belt
$109 each

1st Degree Black Belt
All requirements from 1st Degree Black Belt to 2nd Degree Black Belt
$209 each

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The following is only available as a private fb group.
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/ Panther Videos ...

Here is a link to a private fb group of my Panther Videos where created around 1983. Enjoy. It's free to join.

/ Comments ...

The benefits of the TKC curriculum are vast and multilayered

From the basic knowledge of the mixed martial arts and technique to the spiritual aspects of the self ( spanning confidence, perseverance , conquering fear, respect and honor) to the world of self defense - this relating to all ages kids and adults.
My family and I have grown physically, mentally and spiritually and consider TKC our second home. All the instructors and sensais are so welcoming, helpful and genuine that you feel like you are a part of a special connected community. And I believe that we all have a common goal in mind to enhance, strengthen and protect our families while living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you sir.

Michelle Z.

Mom, Woodland Hills, CA

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