Faramarz Ajakh

Mr. Faramarz, older brother to Mr. Fariborz, doesn’t care how old you are, what you look like, or what language you speak. It doesn’t matter to him where you are from or what belt you hold, if any at all. Mr. Faramarz cares about the essence of the being, the individual creature without which there is no real life. He speaks in clipped, precise words with an Iranian accent; his eyes show a quiet intensity. “Nothing is impossible,” he says, along with “Whatever you can conceive, you can achieve,” and he heartily agrees with Disney’s motto of “Dream the impossible dream.” His efficient demeanor provides a unique contrast to his deep contemplations. While folding Team Karate Centers T-shirts, he speaks of the unity of mankind, the necessity of peace, and the importance of living in the moment. He will tell you things that will make you cry in understanding of the world, then he will give you a warm hug to soothe the pain of it all. “Don’t ever tell me that he is dead,” he says, pointing to the poster of Bruce Lee that hangs above his desk. He then says similar things of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Between settling in America and helping his brother Mr. Fariborz also establish himself here, Mr. Faramarz studied both judo and jujitsu. A current student of Hapkido karate, he met his wife, Julie, a 1st degree black belt, at the Team Karate Centers. They have two children, Madeline, age 4, and Daniel, 1 and a half years old. Mr. Faramarz is very ecstatic about his children beginning to learn karate, as soon as they are old enough. Although he is learning fighting techniques, he is a serious advocate of peace.

“Destruction is easy, not macho,” he says, as well as that man must control his temper. Mr. Faramarz also enjoys reading, both nonfiction and Oriental philosophy, and he likes taking nature walks. About karate, he says that “the essence of the art is to protect others.” It is, in his words, not simply a form of exercise but a responsibility. Another thing that he likes about karate is that it teaches alertness. He might be stocking the sparring gear or mopping the mats at Team Karate Centers, but Mr. Faramarz means much more to the studio than his physical presence implies-he is a compassionate man with a lot to say and a lot to give.

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