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Mr. Faramarz, older brother to Mr. Fariborz, doesn't care how old you are, what you look like, or what language you speak. It doesn't matter to him where you are from or what belt you hold, if any at all. Mr. Faramarz cares about the essence of the being, the individual creature without which there is no real life. He speaks in clipped, precise words with an Iranian accent; his eyes show a quiet intensity. "Nothing is impossible," he says, along with "Whatever you can conceive, you can achieve," and he heartily agrees with Disney's motto of "Dream the impossible dream." His efficient demeanor provides a unique contrast to his deep contemplations. While folding Team Karate Centers T-shirts, he speaks of the unity of mankind, the necessity of peace, and the importance of living in the moment. He will tell you things that will make you cry in understanding of the world, then he will give you a warm hug to soothe the pain of it all. "Don't ever tell me that he is dead," he says, pointing to the poster of Bruce Lee that hangs above his desk. He then says similar things of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Between settling in America and helping his brother Mr. Fariborz also establish himself here, Mr. Faramarz studied both judo and jujitsu. A current student of Hapkido karate, he met his wife, Julie, a 1st degree black belt, at the Team Karate Centers. They have two children, Madeline, age 4, and Daniel, 1 and a half years old. Mr. Faramarz is very ecstatic about his children beginning to learn karate, as soon as they are old enough. Although he is learning fighting techniques, he is a serious advocate of peace.

"Destruction is easy, not macho," he says, as well as that man must control his temper. Mr. Faramarz also enjoys reading, both nonfiction and Oriental philosophy, and he likes taking nature walks. About karate, he says that "the essence of the art is to protect others." It is, in his words, not simply a form of exercise but a responsibility. Another thing that he likes about karate is that it teaches alertness. He might be stocking the sparring gear or mopping the mats at Team Karate Centers, but Mr. Faramarz means much more to the studio than his physical presence implies-he is a compassionate man with a lot to say and a lot to give.

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Mr. Faramarz. He gets the same results as Master Fariborz does, but in an entirely different way. He is wise the way people from the old country were wise. It is the wisdom wrought of time and experience. There is a quiet confidence about the man. He could kill you with his bare hands, but he chooses to use those highly trained hands to pick you up when you are down. He would literally give you the shirt off of his back if you needed a shirt. He knows exactly the right thing to say when it is needed to be said. He doesnot simply speak to hear the sound of his own voice. I wish I could be as calm and confident as he is. Cool as a cucumber he is, when things are hectic and stressful. Mr. Faramarz finds a way to get thing done, not by yelling and screaming and threatening, but by seeking first to understand before being understood. I endeavor to manage my department at work the way he manages TKC. I am not there yet, but I am working on it. And I have Mr. Faramarz to thank for that. My family and I love Mr. Faramarz, and he loves us unconditionally  
Every time I see Mr. Faramarz, with a smile on his face, he either gives me some sort of words of wisdom or a small job to do around the studio. He always inspires to be me to find ways to give back to the community and do what I love to.  
Another TKC hero of mine is Mr. Faramarz Ajakh. I know that he trains in the martial arts, though I have never seen him on a mat. I know because of the look in his eyes, the intensity of his emotion, and the way that he carries himself. I dont even know if he has a black belt, but in my (humble) opinion he is a black belt. He tirelessly serves the students and teachers of TKC, and TKC itself, by doing whatever is necessary. He greets everyone with a warmth and a personal-ness which makes even the first day white belt seem at home. And he does so with absolutely no aspirations towards fame or notoriety. I dont know what kind of car he drives, or where he lives. I dont know how or when he trains. But in his demeanor towards me, I feel I know who he is. Genuine, caring, intense, loyal, selfless, and protective. If that is not a martial arts master, Im not sure what is.  
Mr.Farmarz: Mr. Farmarz is one of the most kindest person I have ever met. Whenever I am done with class and I see him he always asks me how class was and what we did in class. He always has a smile on his face and greets you with joy.  
Mr. Farmarz is the most gentle, humble, calm and collected person I have ever met. When I was waiting to hear from my doctor about weather or not I would be able to test, Mr. Farmarz told me not to be upset.... But he also told me not to be happy either, no matter what the doctor said. I pondered this for a long time. I am such an emotional person that to not have some sort of emotional response to something so important to me seemed impossible. But the more I thought about it the more it made sense. If I took the "big deal" out of the situation then it would not be as emotional.
I have been trying to do this with everything in my life now. To just relax and let things happen the way they will and accept what I cannot change without pain or joy. It is very difficult but I think it is extremely important to practice this in my life. I have a feeling Mr. Farmarz is very well practiced at living life this way. I am inspired to live and let live because of him.
Mr. Faramarz. I have a lot of respect for him. He is my TKC hero because I love the way that he looks out for all the students. When I need something, such as uniforms or if I forget my weapons, he always keeps them for me. He always greets me with a smile at the door, and I like the way he pats my back assuring me that I am going to have a great class.  
Mr. Faramarz is one of my TKC heroes because he is very humble, generous, and friendly. Whenever I walk into TKC, he is always there to answer my questions, hold open the door for me, or just say hello! At one point in time, my family and I were not able to afford classes for four people at TKC. However, Mr. Faramarz generously let my whole family train at TKC at a discounted price, so that we wouldnt have to take a break from TKC.  
Mr. Faramarz Azhakh inspires me. Mr. Faramarz is very humble and has great character. His quiet demeanor makes him a very approachable person. Mr. Faramarz is always willing to work with people to help in any way possible. From the very beginning, Mr. Faramarz showed great belief in me without really knowing me. Ive known one other person in my life that placed this blind belief in me and she made a great difference in my life.  
Mr. Faramarz always knows what to say to make a frown turn upside down. He is a man of little words, but everything that Ive ever heard him say is so positive, powerful and meaningful. He knows everything I am capable of doing and he truly inspires me to do better. When I had my doubts about testing, Mr. Faramarz helped me realize that the best time to test for black belt is NOT when I have plenty of free time, but when I have little time. This will make the journey more meaningful, he says, and I really do believe it.  
H welcomes me.. and I can feel the sincereness in it.
He does not hang around much and leaves me to do what I have to do but he is there anytime I need help.
Although I dont believe Mr. Faramarz teaches class anymore, there was a time he did and so to me, he will always be one of my teachers. Thought by many as simply a man of few words it was precisely that which I admired in him. I have been given the nickname of quiet excellence a couple of times, but every time I say thank you, but Im not the original because thats what Mr. Faramarz is to me. His quite demeanor, dedication and selfless ways are an inspiration to me. Recently, his friendship and caring advice has meant a lot as I tried to reconnect and restart my Black Belt journey.  
My first TKC Hero is Mr. Faramarz. Mr. Faramarz and I have always had a great relationshipeverytime I see him he gives me a hug and a kiss on the forehead and asks me how I have been with a smile on his face. Whenever school is beginning to be a little overpowering, Mr. Faramarz always contacts me and reels me back in to TKC, and I always come back forgetting how much I actually love it. Mr. Faramarz is also one of the big reasons I started TKC, because he saw the potential in me that I hadnt seen in myself. I forever owe him for that.  

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