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I started martial arts in 2005 when I was 15 years old. My parents signed me up so I would be more active. The first time I watched a class, my mom asked me if I wanted to join and I answered yeah, sure. Whatever. Mr. Fariborz then said And I promise he will never speak to you like that again. That was 10 years ago. Over the years, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and forms have been my favorite areas of training; The former for its technical detail, and the latter for its variety and beauty.
In 2007 after earning my black belt I became instructor quite unexpectedly. I hate being late, so even though my Saturday morning class started at 8am, I always arrived at 7:30 while the previous class was still going on. All I remember was watching that class where Mr. Fariborz was always teaching something new and interesting. After class one Saturday, I asked him if I could take that class too. He said he would let me know. Something was different about that class and the people in it, and I just knew I needed to ask before I should join. When he let me know a week later about his decision, Mr. Fariborz said he had asked me to wait because he needed to ask Mr. Faramarz his thought on allowing me in. It turns out I had inadvertently asked to join the instructors class, although I hadnt realized it until a few weeks after I started attending it. Im glad I did, because my incredible journey as an instructor has been unforgettable over the years.
More than anything, being an instructor has made me a better student. I dont remember where I heard this, but I believe it to be true: the best way to learn is to teach. By teaching, I realize more what I need to work on. Not only do students learn, I learn as well.

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Mr. Ron is a wonderful teacher smart, funny, easy going and not pushy BUT will make you work for it. His passion and devotion to TKC and his students is very apparent. He is always available to talk or provide support. He would come in hour early when Brendon and Nathan were at Little Ninjas to help them with certain issues or moves for free. Or was always available to stay afterwards. His calm demeanor helps when Im stressed and he always puts things in perspective for me.  
I have worked with Mr. Ron since I started in 2008. I remember him helping me out and letting me videotape him doing basic form #1 so that I could practice at home. He has coached all three of my kids for their black belt journey. He has great patience and knowledge. Mr. Ron is very encouraging and a fabulous teacher. Im so glad he is with me in my journey.  
Sensei Ron - Sensei Ron has been my main sensei throughout my personal journey here at TKC. When I think of a hero I think of the term Role Model. He is my hero as he displays leadership qualities and characteristics that I admire.
Ron from day one was able to create a welcoming learning environment, an environment that is filled with respect where ideas and opinions are valued and it ok to try and fail. Mr. Ron was able to create a sense of community and belonging when he teaches. I know I can always depend not only on him, but on the entire class. Mr. Ron makes himself very approachable, as a teacher he is warm, accessible and enthusiastic about the martial art he teaches. Sensei Ron help instill in me a sense of high expectation of myself and therefore I never wanted to disappoint him, which pushed me to work harder to be a better student. Ron display leadership characteristics around empathy, honesty, flexibility, communication and direction. An example of flexibility, if a lesson was not working for some reason, he quickly realized it and shifted-gears to find new ways to present the technique or form that he was teaching at the time. An example of communication, he was able to use examples, analogies, metaphors, and diversity in modes of explanation to make material not only understandable but memorable.
Sensei Ronald Rochel is one of the most amazing Team Karate Centers instructors I know. He always helps me with forms and kicks and does not stop until I get them right. He uses his free time to help others succeed and I admire him for that reason and for many others reasons.  
Good instructor, mixes curruculm, fun with cardio & workouts Never afraid to admit his own limitations, but is always true on issues  
Sensei Ron is an inspiration to me because he started as a young student like me. As he grew up, he worked his way up to being a Sensei. He has gotten a third degree black belt because of all of his participation and hard work. Sensei Ron has gone from teaching Little Ninjas to Juniors to Adults. This is an inspiration because I am aiming for third degree and higher and I also want to become a Sensei.  
The instructor that has had the biggest impact on me is Mr. Ron. Mr. Ron was my success coach in 2012 when I tested for First Degree and helped me every step of the way. No matter what my questions were, how busy he was, or how much I annoyed him (muahaha), he made sure that I was fully prepared throughout my Black Belt journey. It was with his help and guidance that I began teaching juniors classes and I am so grateful to him for all he has done to help me on this journey.  
Mr. Ron is also one of my TKC heroes. He is a great instructor because he is very patient while he teaches us the curriculum and the exercises, then he lets us also have fun stuff. He always believed in me and is always very kind in showing me how to do things the right way. He is a fun instructor as well as great in taking care of business. He inspires me to enjoy my journey in earning my black belt.  
My brother has been a role model for me for a long time. He is the reason I came back to Team Karate Centers. I am not sure where I would be without his guidance. Seeing where his life is going is very motivating for me. I am always proud to tell people he is my brother, and I feel honored when someone says I am a lot like him.  

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