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I started martial arts when I was 10 years old much to my discontent. My mom wanted me to take lessons, although I had no initial interest. But once I finally started at Team Karate Centers, I fell in love with it. In October 2013, I earned my first degree black belt, and am a candidate to earn my second degree in October 2015.
It didnt take long for me to realize my passion for teaching. Just one year into my training I began to help teaching classes where I could. I started with Little Ninjas (ages 3-6), and as I gradually got better and gained more experience, I started teaching juniors, and over time I became an instructor.
When it comes to teaching, I dont consider it a job. Its just something I love to do. Every class I get to see kids become happy and watch them grow, and I know I was a part of it, makes teaching a rewarding experience.
From training to teaching, to life outside TKC, one hero has continued to inspire me to reach new heights: Sensei Fariborz. His impact on my life motivates me to want to follow in his footsteps. Coming into TKC, my life was rough. Atop the challenge I faced, I did not have a dad around while I was young. With a lot going on as a young ten-year old kid, Mr. Fariborz took me in and opened my eyes to the difference between good and bad, and in so doing, made me realize what I would have to do to become a black belt. That influenced me to change my life for the better at a young age. At that point, I was headed in the wrong direction, but fortunately, Mr. Fariborz guided me to live the martial arts life. By taking on that father figure role, those challenges I faced before starting at TKC gradually disappeared. I finally had someone to look up to. Without him and TKC, I dont think I would be anywhere near where I am right now, or have accomplished many of the goals for which I have worked tirelessly.
Earning my black belt in 2013 signified a new beginning for me. All the things that happened in my life before that were now over, and I embarked on my best journey yet.
What does a black belt mean to me? It represents the single greatest thing Ive achieved in my life thus far. Each time I tie my belt around my waist, I look back and am reminded of what Ive been through. But more importantly, I look forward to where Im going. And now as a second degree, I realize that while black belt is the big picture, its the little things that create the biggest differences. Its the regular things like helping the kids that it's all about.
And as I grow, my training continuously evolves. While I still take a blended approach to my training, I focus mostly on boxing and kickboxing. Its there that I feel most comfortable and adaptive. Before focusing on kickboxing, I was doing everything just to do it. I didnt understand much of it, but focusing in on kickboxing has helped me understand everything better, even in the areas I dont particularly enjoy. All for the good of course.

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My second instructor that is an inspiration to me is Mr. Sam. He is an inspiration to me because when he was at TKC he was always positive, energetic, and cheerful.  
My living hero 1 is Mr.Sam. He is my hero because he teaches me everything I should know. He also tells me what i need for a black belt. For example, black belts have hand wraps so Mr.Sam tells me that. He has been teaching me since brown belt till red belt. He also taught me nunchuck form number 1 and basic form number 1 with nunchuck.  
Mr Sam is one of my TKC Heroes because he is always ready to help me. He also believed in me so much so that he recommended me to Sensei Pete which led to the opportunity to take classes with him and be better with kickboxing. His encouraging words and helpfulness has always made it easy for me to approach him to ask him for help.  
Sam Hakimi is one of the most athletic people I have met in my life. Sam Hakimi is a great martial artist and instructor. Sam has helped me with forms and kicks throughout my time at Team Karate Centers and has given me great advice along the way. I admire Sam for all the hard work he has done for me and every one else at Team Karate Centers.  
Mr. Sam is one of my TKC heroes. I have known Mr. Sam for a long time. He left TKC for a while but I was very happy when he came back. He is very nice. He teaches me with a lot of patience. The taught me how to do a 4 directional circle. He always asks me if I understood the moves we are learning or practicing and goes over them with me. He is one of my favorite instructors. He is testing for his second degree black belt and I am excited to be testing with him. When he wears his red TKC shirt and I have it on too we look like twins.  
My hero at TKC would be Sam. Oh my god where do I even start Sam is like my older brother he is just amazing. Sam is only like 16 or 15 and he is one of the best teachers I have ever seen work with kids. I really really look up to Sam so much.
Sometimes I forget he is a teenager and that he has no life.Sam has a life he has friends,school,and homework and much more but he has a job an she does it. I do not know how u could balance all of those things and atiol have time so sleep. Sam is just so amazing and I look up to him so much I ca not even tell you.
Sam is my hero.
Mr. Sam because he is so nice and taught me so much and worked with me on everything I needed.  
I do not have a hero at team karate centers but I am grateful for some people that work there. Mr. Sam always deals with me and has patience unlike other instructors. He always helps me and never gives up on me. He is a great kind hearted person that I will always remember. There for he is a person I will always look up to.  
One of my many heros from Team Karate Centers is Sam Hakimi. Sam was the person who gives me little tips everyday I go to train. He genuinely cares about me and he is become so close that we are practically brothers now.
Sam tested for black belt last year and has been through many struggles in his life that have shaped him to be the person he is today. Without Sam, I have no idea how well I would be doing in karate or in life in general. Sam is a hero to me because he is a person who cares and wont go away if I tell him to. He will stay even if he has things to do.
My hero Sam, is one of the most important people in my life. Although he may make fun of me for getting hurt and changing my hair and drawing on myself I know he cares and is just teasing me. Sam is a person who is easy to get along with. Sam will not cause conflict and does what is right all the time. He is a nice, funny, sarcastic, amazing, caring, incredible person.
He cares so much about people and I know people care about him just as much. He will literally go out of his way to help someone. If he sees someone upset he will always go to them and talk, therefore he does a lot of talking. Without Sam Hakimi, I have no idea where I would be. Blood does not create family it is the bonds that are strong and long lasting that create a family. Sam is my brother and forever my friend.
My second tkc hero is Mr. Sam because he has a great sense of humor. He has a great sense of humor because he is not very demanding or mean. He is so kind and funny. He was my second pick on my success coach because he is a great coach that does nice things for people and teaches well. He has done good things for TKC. I think that he is going to be even more admirable then he is now. I am his admirer and I can tell that other people like him too.  
Mr. Sam is an inspiration to me because when we do something right he says, "good job" and he encourages us and always want us to try our best. He makes every thing fun when he is teaching us. I have learned a lot from him.  
Mr. Sam inspires me because hes very nice, hes funny and he is good at karate and teaching us even though hes very young.  
Mr. Sam is great teacher and he makes learning fun. He pushes us, and give us crazy work outs while making the class enjoyable. I like taking classes with Mr. Sam. I wish to someday teach a class with him.  

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