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You can tell Mr. Robert love what he does.his passion comes through each and every time he is on the mat. He is always happy and energetic and puts out a positive attitude. He is also a fantastic teacher. His teaching style the way he visually communicates to all students is fantastic and very clear.  
He has a way with getting you to smile and pay attention when he is teaching. He is a great motivator and he always seeks to find an answer when needed. His encouragement and willingness to help makes him a true asset to TKC.  
He is funny, very helpful and spends a lot of time with me. He is always smiling.  
Sensei Robert. Mr. Robert has more charisma in his little finger than I have in my entire body. He treats and teaches everybody the same. He truly cares about ALL of his students, from the brand new White Belt to the 2nd Degree Candidate, with the same caring and compassion. His energy is boundless, and I see the young and old alike respond to that energy. Sensei is smart and creative when it comes to preparing a lesson, be it for a single class, or for curriculum in general. He is definitely one of my role models as I continue towards my goal with my SWAT training, to become an instructor myself. And over the years, I have come to consider Sensei Robert a friend.  
Sensei Robert I admire his passion and love of both teaching and building relationship with everyone he comes in contact with. He is an amazing teacher and someone I plan to emulate as I grow here at TKC. He is able to pull the best out of everyone from a White belt to a Second degree candidate. He brings such a positive energy to class. You can never tell he had a bad day? When he shows up for class it always all about you the student and what he can do to make you more successful in your martial arts training. He has taught me to be more mindful about truly understand all the little things within every technique. With the goal being the more you are aware the closer you are to owning the material you are learning. He is truly a gift to the TKC community and I am grateful for his mentorship.  
Sensei Robert is very detail orientated and is willing to help whenever he is available. He breaks up complex steps into smaller easier steps. He also ensures that we feel good about doing a technique when we do it the right way.  
Mr. Robert is another inspiration to me because he is very helpful. He takes time away from himself to help others. When Mr. Robert teaches us something he makes sure that we try the best we can. Mr. Robert also taught me that people can try a new sport at any time and any age, all you have to do is put your mind to it and do your best.  
One of my TKC heroes is Mr. Robert. I love his teaching style. He has a way of breaking skills down into smaller steps and makes sure all the students in the class understand before moving on. He is always cheerful and positive. For example, whenever I see him he always has a smile on his face. He is generous in that he gives so much of his time and energy to help anyone who may need help. I can tell he really loves teaching and karate. He is very passionate about karate and this passion shows through in his teaching. TKC is very lucky to have him as an instructor and I am so grateful he is one of my amazing teachers.  
Mr. Robert was the first instructor to ever teach me anything at TKC. By just teaching me the basics of how do a front kick and stand in attention position, he sparked my love for Martial Arts at TKC. Along all the years I spent at here, Mr. Robert, even if he was not the primary instructor of the class, was always willing to offer his help and advice on how to refine and perfect all aspects of what I was doing. The best part was that he always managed to make it a fun and enjoyable experience to learn when he is teaching with a bright smile. Along with making learning an enjoyable process, Mr. Robert consistently found ways to explain everything in the clearest, most logical way possible. His methods of teaching have driven me through great barriers to the point I have reached now. Without the help and support of Mr. Robert, it is likely that I would not have worked through all the challenges are difficulty that I have surpassed now and I am so grateful that he is around when I need him.  
Mr. Robert is an instructor at TKC and a major inspiration to me. He hasnt faced some great adversity as far as I am aware, or conquered some major impossible feat as far as I am aware, but he is simply inspirational. Inspiration is defined as being mentally stimulated to do or feel something I think that Mr. Robert fits that model perfectly because he absolutely stimulates myself along with many other students to do something great. He is always able to calm down nervous students, (including and especially myself) inspire greatness in others, and improve my forms, kicks, and generally who I am without ever making me feel bad, or embarrassing me.  
Mr. Robert has the magnificent ability to constantly be enthusiastic. He is always smiling when I see him, especially when he is teaching. His inspirational speeches at the beginning of each testing are something to look forward to. He has taught me just as much about martial arts as he has about teaching. I watched him perform a demo during Master Fariborzs 50th birthday celebration. I remember how surprised I was at how agile he was. His constant enthusiasm and patience inspire me.  
Mr. Robert is one of my TKC heroes. He is my success coach. He was first at TKC because his son was a TKC student. Than he became a TKC student and now he is an instructor. He always helps me with all my forms. On Sundays he holds a class for me and my team to help us learn the things we do not know for the Black Belt Test. He is really patient and very nice. He always smiles and never makes me feel bad for not knowing something. He also drives a really cool car.  
Sensei Robert Barrett is a TKC hero of mine because he is an exemplary teacher and an intuitive student. He is inspiring because when it is his turn to take the role of an instructor, he has no trouble doing so, but, also, when it is his turn to take the role of a student who is open-minded and ready to obtain new knowledge, he makes the transition seamlessly. Mr. Robert also has a way of teaching that is unlike anything I have seen from any other instructor at TKC. He is so happy and energetic with his students but still manages to teach effectively and to get his message across. His attitude is so present and he is always happy, motivated, modest, open-minded, and ready to learn, whether he is assuming the role of instructor or student. In fact, I dont think that I have ever seen Mr. Robert with a frown or a scowl on his face like ever. Mr. Roberts attitude is contagious and it is hard not to smile in his class. Mr. Robert is my hero because of his positivity and also because he is one of the reasons I started teaching at TKC.  
Mr. Robert is a very impressive instructor. He is always "ON," with his professionalism with his smile with his respectful attitude and generosity. She shares his knowledge with others students and other instructors alike. Mr. Robert is extremely patient in his teaching. He will go over a drill or a skill repeatedly explaining it detail by detail until the student gets it right. I have looked up to him in class referring to him as the "Jiminy cricket on my shoulder." Jiminy cricket being the Disney character representing your conscience always making the good and responsible decision. Mr. Robert is truly an inspirational instructor who always acts out of the kindness of his heart and the responsibility as an instructor.  
Extremely humble down to earth and knowledgeable. He breaks every move down to make sense. He gives his time and tries to help others.  
Mr. Robert is a really good teacher. He teaches what is necessary and focuses on that. That really teaches me a lesson because first, youll have to do what is necessary, then you can do everything else. But, I dont think he knows that. I think he just does it so much he does it unintentionally  
I look up to Mr. Robert as one of my TKC heroes because he always helps me with my forms and teaches me and talks ways I can understand him. He makes understanding forms and other stuff easy. He explains why we do things for a certain reason.  
My first hero at TKC is Mr. Robert. Mr. Robert has worked with me to improve upon my forms. He has taught me how to perform my forms with strength, not just go through the motion. He inspires me through his knowledge of karate. He is able to do amazing things with staphs and swords that I am struggling to learn. Mr. Robert uses his free time to teach his students, care for the studio and strengthen his knowledge of his art.  
Mr. Robert. Mr. Robert is an amazing man. He has helped me so much with everything that I have needed help with and I wish I could help him in anyway I could if he ever needs it.
Mr. Robert teaches me and my fellow candidates whenever he can. When he does however, his tips are beyond helpful and it makes me understand the material better than when I was originally taught. I love the way he will teach someone. He finds a way to make someones mistakes, no matter how big or small, to make that person feel better about it and corrects them without making them feel bad. He uses a way of empathy almost and uses it to his advantage and shows the student a way that they will understand. An either more or less advanced explanation.
Mr. Robert always is kind, caring, funny, and compassionate. He will try to help someone if they look down. He is funny but dead serious at the exact same time, which I could never be able to do. Mr. Robert is a complex man and has been through a lot of things in his lifetime to make him what he has become, this amazing person and instructor. He is more than an instructor to me, he is a friend. Someone I can talk to if I need it.
Mr. Robert, my Team Karate Centers hero. He will forever be in my heart and in my mind as I think of the things he has taught me. The things that I can only use at the studio, but in the outside world as well. Thank you Mr. Robert for being around for me.
Mr. Robert. He can teach anything fluently. He explains things very complex But easy to understand. No matter what he always wants to be able to help. A few months ago when we had the major workout, nobody was able to drive us, but Mr. Robert stepped up and took us there. He uses all of his experience and knowledge to share with others and help them so that they do not repeat the same mistakes.  
My second instructor that is an inspiration to me is Mr. Robert. Mr. Robert helped me with my last black belt test. Mr. Robert helped me climb the rope, learn combat staff form, do basic form numbers 1, 2, Four Directional Circle, and 3 with staff and nunchuku. Mr. Robert also helped me with my kicking combinations, sweeps, boxing combinations and many more.  
Mr.Robert is another inspiration of mine.He always is pushing everyone over their limits and telling them cool techniques and secrets to reach success and always motivates you with a smile,knows when something is wrong or someone not feeling well.I want to know and share all his techniques with everyone.  
Mr. Robert He was my success coach during my Black Belt training. He inspired to keep me going at times when I felt like giving up.  
Mr. Robert has taught me many forms and techniques. He worked me out many times and helped me achieve my goals. He also knows (and teaches) many tips to remembering complex techniques. Without him, I wouldnt be even close to ready for the upcoming Qualification Exam.  
One TKC instructor that is an inspiration to me is Mr. Robert because of how he is always learning and taking notes even when nobody else is. That has brought him to be a very hard worker, and a perfect role model. I always notice how ahead he is with the technique than everyone else is, and how disciplined he is when taking class. This is encouraging me to be more serious in class that I already do.  
I met Robert back when I started at TKC many moons ago. He was a determined man working hard at life and karate. When I returned I was not surprised to see he was still and he hadnt changed, except for a few more gray hairs. He has always been one of many who have taken on the life of the martial artist. Incorporating the thoughts, feelings and honor into his life, living the walk. Ive always looked up to him with honor and respect. Robert has been a meticulous learner and student. He has been a role model for many.  

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