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I started martial arts 6 years ago after spending a few years on the sidelines as the parent of a TKC student. One day, Mr. Fariborz asked me if I would train myself, and after my first class, I was hooked. Forms, kicks, and workouts later, I became a black belt candidate myself, and in 2011, I earned my first degree black belt alongside my son. In 2014, I earned my second degree. Being a student is one thing, but I never considered becoming an instructor until my teachers pointed out to me that I would be good at it. I joined the TKC instructor team not long ago, but I love to help any way I can, whether it be teaching classes, assisting with belt testings, or working with black belt candidates. I take great pride being a "success coach" every year to a group of black belt candidates that I get to guide along their journeys.
At TKC, Mr. Fariborz, Mr. Sexton, and Mr. Robert have provided me with great insight into the martial arts. Outside martial arts, my heroes are Maya Angelou, choreographer Alvin Ailey, and my aunt Julie.
Despite the challenges I have faced, including injuries and personal conflicts, each experience has made me respect my body more. For every moment, I continue to work harder toward being a better person. When I started at TKC, I trained to "become" a martial artist. Now when I step on the mat to train, I experience the transformational feeling of "being" a martial artist.
As a black belt, I seek to cultivate respect, honor, self-discipline, and most importantly, the integrity needed to build confidence and foster humility, within myself and others.
In addition to martial arts, I am also a certified Pilates coach.

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Ms. Jacki is my success coach. She is very nice and always asks me if I need help. She has been teaching some of the Monday and Wednesday classes and she helps us with our forms and also helps us stay fit. She is encouraging and helpful to her students. She is a great success coach.  
One of my TKC heros is Jacki Lovrich. She is my success coach during my Black Belt Journey. I could not ask for a better mentor. She is a very hard worker and is always pushing our team to do our best. Her positive reinforcement makes me want to strive to do my best in achieving my goals. She is always encouraging while at the same time pushing us to go that extra mile. Every week she gives us a physical challenge. At first, I thought the challenges were not necessary but, over time, I now realize why she had us do them, its because she wants our team to be strong and physically fit. The main reason why she is my TKC hero is because she has her own family to take care of, but she makes time out of her day to help our team to grow mentally and physically. As you can see, Jacki is an amazing person, inside and out, and I am so lucky to have her as my success coach!  
Oh what a journey we have been on. I can say, my dear friend makes me work harder than I think I can ever work. Jacki is one of the hardest working people I know. Her determination, patience, perseverance and knowledge is one of the many things I love about her. She helps me with many challenges in my life with encouraging words. Jacki motivates me to be my best. Im so glad she is with me in my journey and my life. No sympathy.  
My hero at TKC is my success coach. Ms.Jackie is my success coach and she is my hero. She is so giving, she is willing to spend 3 hours a week with my team. We all appreciate her so much but we should start giving her more credit. She is one of the BEST coaches I have ever had. I really have a good bond with her and I really appreciate her. She is just overall amazing there is not one way to say it. I ca not really say much about her but I will try. She is an amazing person. I really look up to ms.Jackie she is my hero.  
Miss Jacki is my hero. She is my success coach and she does a great job. First of all, I notice she is hard working and helps other people before her. When I have practice with Jacki, I notice she takes time to work with the group. The pioneers she gives out are great. If we are doing 1-20 count, Jacki helps us because so e times we are not aiming our weapon correctly. Jacki is respectful when she tells us what we are expected of.
I knew from when I got picked in Jacks group, I would always remember the times Jacki helped me. She is not the type of person who tries to go through everything at once. If I or someone else messes up, Miss Jacki will take her time and help us. She takes her time and is doing her best to help us during our journey. My mom and I always agree that Miss Jacki is doing gore than she has to.
Miss Jacki is a great hero.
Jackie inspires me by her sincerity to training and committed to her students. She is taking her craft seriously, and is very talented. She has great personality, always caring, ready to help. I am grateful to have known her.  
The 3rd person that inspires me at TKC is Ms. Jacki. I first started to get to know her last year when she was testing for her second degree black belt and was success coach for Collin. I watched her take the initiative to bring the 2nd degree team to work together. I also saw her have the patience to work with her success team and help them reach their goals. She has great communication and always has valuable feedback. I admire her as a student and an instructor because she is humble in everything that she does. She is both graceful and powerful on the mat and I always enjoy watching her on the mat.  

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