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Back in 1994 I was attending night school, and one of my classmates mentioned she was taking karate lessons nearby. It sounded like fun, and out of curiosity I stopped by and met Mr. Fariborz. I did not commit to lessons until two months later when three gang members tried to steal company merchandise from me. We yelled back and forth, and though no fighting ensued, I decided I needed to learn some self-defense just in case.
I returned to Team Karate Centers and have, since December 22, 1994, learned many life lessons as well. 

I became a First Degree Black Belt on September 26, 1998. My testing experience was highly personal one, in which I learned that I can always manage my time in order to work on something if I want it badly enough. I also realized that I could do and become anything I desire.
My Second Degree experience two years later, on September 16, 2000, was more shared. Appreciation for my teammates success helped me learn to focus better on my own goals, expectations, and priorities.
Finally in 2008, I tested for my third degree black belt, and it was an experience like no other. I put forth so much effort and achieved such a feeling of accomplishment like never before. Even more, I learned that I can do much more than I previously thought; that the connections we have with the people around us are very powerful; that as a black belt I am empowered more than the ordinary person. I know there are great possibilities ahead for me.
About the time I was a brown belt (in 1998), I began assisting Saturday morning classes. I quickly realized the power of teaching. When I teach, I go beyond techniques to help others learn about themselves. When I see a child smile after they successfully attempt a skill for the first time, I see their potential toward learning many more things to come in life, both on and off the mat. Its now 2015, and I continue to be involved any way I can.
To me, Black Belt Excellence means being my best. My best. There is a standard we must all achieve, but my best is going to be different from another's. Not just in regard to my martial arts training, but in all things, at all times. I think back to all the heroes that have influenced my life: Sensei Fariborz, Master Steve Sexton, General Douglas MacArthur, General George S. Patton, my mother and father, and my sisters Mary and Sally.
This is truly what martial arts is about. 

And I thought I was just going to learn a couple of neat moves to defend myself with!

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He is my success coach, he is willing to give his own time to train us towards our goal, he always has words of encouragement and positiveness.  
I have had the opportunity to see Mr. Bill and student Arya work together on the mat. I find Mr. Bills enthusiasm and patience quite moving and Aryas consistency and hard work has not only made him a Black Belt but someone who makes you want to do better.  
He is nice. He helped me when I first started and still checks up on me.  
Mr. Bill is a big inspiration to me for many reasons. First, he gives positive feedback instead of negative feedback. Secondly, if I am ever having a bad day, his smile will brighten my day immediately. Lastly, Mr Bill makes everything very easy to learn because he brakes difficult skills into a step by step process. As you can see, Mr Bill can easily become an inspiration to almost anyone.
The first topic I want to talk about is the positive feedback he gives.A personal example of Mr Bill when he gave positive feedback was very recently, he saw some students struggle with a skill, he then told them all the things they were doing correctly and five minutes later they were the masters at that skill. I have also noticed that Mr Bill is extremely aware of other peoples feelings. As you can see, Mr Bill has great teaching skills that not all instructors have.
The second topic I want to discuss is the way he is always so cheerful. A personal example of his cheerfulness is very recently his dog had passed away but, he still showed up at class. I admire him for that very reason. I loved how he did not let anything stopping him from doing what he loves. Lastly, I want to talk about how he is very aware of his surroundings. I have noticed through my whole Karate journey that if he sees anyone who is having a rough time withe the skill he does not move on with the class until everyone gets the skill.As you can see Mr Bill is determined to his goal of everyone leaving a class, learned something.
My final inspirational instructor is Mr. Bill. I chose him beccause of his strength level at his age. I hope to be like that when I get older as well. Mr. Bill is always funny, but when he is focused he is very serious. Mr. Bill inspires me to work hard and play hard, he also inspires me to have fun but make sure that you learn first.  
Mr. Bill is one of my TKC heroes because he is a great instructor. Whenever I didnt understand curriculum, Mr. Bill would always step in and help me with it patiently. Mr. Bill is also very funny and kind and always says hello to me with a smile on his face.  
My last TKC hero is Mr. Bill. As my success coach, he has taught me new things or explained things that I dont understand. He helped me with small sections of my forms that I forgot or needed to improve on. He has also inspired me for my essays by motivating me in different ways like giving some inspiring statements or saying If I can do it, so can you. I think I can pass this test because of him helping me so much. He taught me everything I didnt know on the back of my card.  
Mr.Bill is an outstanding instructor because he is older than many of the people at TKC.He teaches so good for that age and he never gives up on anything.He is focused on little mistakes which is great.He is my inspiration because even if someone is old they can do anything.He is my hero because without him many of my skills would be wrong.He is a great hero!  
Mr. bill has been with me for a while. Hes been one of the best teachers that Ive had. Including in school. Hes been with me since around green or orange belt, and hes helped me alot on this journey, and hes even my success coach, and he specifically picked me. Me and Mr. Bill have a very good relationship and Mr. Bill has also helps me alot.  
Sensei Bill is an open book and always willing to help. He would be in the middle of something but would be willing to help. He does not let his age come in the way of anything we are trying to practice.  
One of my TKC heros is Mr. Bill. Mr. Bill is my hero for many reasons. One reason is just how good he is at karate. Another is how he can easily teach with seemingly natural concepts. No offense to Mr. Bill, hes old, yet he is still more athletic then most grown men younger than him. Mr. Bill is just a nice man to be around.
An example of his teaching skills is when he was able to teach me basic form number one with nun chuck in one class. Another case of his teaching skills was when I was having a problem doing the form with another sensei and was not having any progress when he came to teach me I instantly got it.
In my opinion Mr. Bill is one of the most amazing people ever. While younger adults are doing ok on the takedowns hes completing them with a certain level of grace. He is the epitome of staying fit to an old age. In my opinion Mr. Bill is the type of fit you want to be when you grow up.
Mr. Bill - He always wants me and the rest of the students to succeed.  

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