Jacki Lovrich

I started martial arts 6 years ago after spending a few years on the sidelines as the parent of a TKC student. One day, Mr. Fariborz asked me if I would train myself, and after my first class, I was hooked. Forms, kicks, and workouts later, I became a black belt candidate myself, and in 2011, I earned my first degree black belt alongside my son. In 2014, I earned my second degree. Being a student is one thing, but I never considered becoming an instructor until my teachers pointed out to me that I would be good at it. I joined the TKC instructor team not long ago, but I love to help any way I can, whether it be teaching classes, assisting with belt testings, or working with black belt candidates. I take great pride being a “success coach” every year to a group of black belt candidates that I get to guide along their journeys.

At TKC, Mr. Fariborz, Mr. Sexton, and Mr. Robert have provided me with great insight into the martial arts. Outside martial arts, my heroes are Maya Angelou, choreographer Alvin Ailey, and my aunt Julie.

Despite the challenges I have faced, including injuries and personal conflicts, each experience has made me respect my body more. For every moment, I continue to work harder toward being a better person. When I started at TKC, I trained to “become” a martial artist. Now when I step on the mat to train, I experience the transformational feeling of “being” a martial artist.

As a black belt, I seek to cultivate respect, honor, self-discipline, and most importantly, the integrity needed to build confidence and foster humility, within myself and others.

In addition to martial arts, I am also a certified Pilates coach.

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