What people are saying about training at TKC

May 3, 2020

Another TKC hero of mine is Mr. Faramarz Ajakh. I know that he trains in the martial arts, though I have never seen him on a mat. I know because of the look in his eyes, the intensity of his emotion, and the way that he carries himself. I dont even know if he has a black belt, but in my (humble) opinion he is a black belt. He tirelessly serves the students and teachers of TKC, and TKC itself, by doing whatever is necessary. He greets everyone with a warmth and a personal-ness which makes even the first day white belt seem at home. And he does so with absolutely no aspirations towards fame or notoriety. I dont know what kind of car he drives, or where he lives. I dont know how or when he trains. But in his demeanor towards me, I feel I know who he is. Genuine, caring, intense, loyal, selfless, and protective. If that is not a martial arts master, Im not sure what is.

Another TKC hero of mine is Mr. Faramarz Ajakh