What people are saying about training at TKC

May 2, 2020

Each Saturday I enjoy observing the SWAT class. It is a great opportunity for me to hear Mr. Fariborz share the latest martial arts teaching techniques. His Special Winning Attitude Team program has grown from back in 1996 when I first began learning how to assist the Instructors. I have seen the benefits of SWAT with training members assisting me in my classes. They have been effective and their skills improve each week. And they enjoy it! More importantly, the students have enjoyed working with them, as a group and one-on-one. I think that what makes the SWAT training program at TKC so effective is that Mr. Fariborz has produced it through several sources. He has an extensive personal library of instructional books from which he has gained information vital to the martial arts instructor. He has one of the highest-ranking Hapkido Instructors, his own Instructor Master Sexton as well as fighting legend Benny “The Jet “Urquidez teaching regularly at The Studio and also sharing their insights with him on the teaching of The Art. Guest Instructors continue to teach seminars for the benefit of our students as well as contribute their example of martial arts instruction. And we recently hosted Master Dave Kovar’s Instructors’ all-day seminar which brought over 50 instructors from Southern California and beyond. Many of Master Kovar’s extensive teaching techniques are included in SWAT. All of this comes down to a martial arts academy which follows the concept of Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. TKC evolves, both physically with the new Back Mat area having been recently reengineered, and in the minds of our Instructors and future Instructors who are presented the latest in teaching success. I get to listen, take notes, and add to what Kyoshi has graciously shared with me over the years. And if feels great to see The Future Of TKC sitting there before me. The benefits of the TKC SWAT training program are clear. I encourage any TKC student who has thought even for a moment of one day becoming a TKC Instructor to approach the front desk about SWAT and learn if it might be something they should consider. For me, learning has never been so gratifying.

Bill Null