What people are saying about training at TKC

May 2, 2020

Mr. Fariborz,

First off. Thank you very much for putting the leadership program day all together. I have never been to such a well organized thought out program . I never looked at the clock, that’s how much I enjoyed it. Breaking down certain critereria and getting a better understanding of how we think and act was pretty amazing. I beleive that day help me in a way that if I was told to teach a class that I could. I know I need more instruction but, I do know I could fake it untill I make it.

I loved it! I could feel your presence in away that made me think that’s how I would like to be( confident, ready for what ever comes). I also have to work on my counter to kicks and punches. Meaning, do more roundhouse defense drills so I can feel more comfortable when I do spar. Also, after sparring I always try to anyalize what I did and should of done. But, it helped alot when you critique me on my punches and why I was not getting in because I was not stepping in. I need to fine that comfort zone where I am relaxed enough to react to what is coming toward me. The whole day was amazing and you Mr. Fariborz and Mr. Robert are very good at speaking where you keep it so fresh. Awesome!!!

Thank you for including me.

Corey Polakov