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May 3, 2020

For my TKC Hero Essay 2 I chose Sensei Fariborz

I chose him for many reasons. The first is that he inspired me to become part of the BBC. He is like my sister Erin. He can be a laugh even though he teaches us how to defend ourselves physically and mentally. This is also the reason I chose to become apart of TKC.

During the red belt test Sensei really inspired me when he asked if we think we deserve our red belts. It was a question that was asking do you think you are ready for your black belt journey?. I do not believe any question other than “do you deserve it” is that emotional.

Throughout the years that I have been here he has taught me many things and made me think hard about myself. He has defended me emotionally and mentally. He has helped us through our lives and now into the real journey. This is why Sensei Fariborz is my TKC hero.

For my TKC Hero Essay 2 I chose Sensei Fariborz