What people are saying about training at TKC

May 3, 2020

I pick you to be my hero. I pick you because I like that you are my teacher. The way you teach is amazing. I like it because you break things down. For example, if we are doing a rear arm lock, and somebody does not get it, you take it step by step.I like the way that you have a sense of humor. Everything is boring just doing something without humor. The time where somebody has a bad hair day, or somebody walks into the studio in the morning, and they are not awake, you put fun into it.

Everytime I come to class, the mat is full of happy, controlled kids. At class I love coming and getting a good work out with my friends. You are encouraging to the team if they are not confident about a skill. They improve with the help you give them. I notice that you send out emails in an appropriate manner.

You are a TKC hero.

I pick you to be my hero.