What people are saying about training at TKC

May 3, 2020

I remember the first time walking into the TKC studio, how in awe I was and the wonderful feeling of positive energetic energy everywhere. People were very nice, hardworking, concerned about my learning. I always felt at home. Now, years later each time I walk through those doors its magical. The sense of pride, the feeling of belonging, nice hard working instructors and helpers, all concerned for our wellbeing. Today I take the time to thank and honor the person who put all this together years ago.

I see an amazing person in you; A family man who loves his kids and spends time with them, a philanthropist who is driven to making this world a better place, a business man with a high sense of morals, a leader who has great breadth and understanding of human nature, an artist in his field always imaginative/expanding the field of martial arts, a seemingly endless pool of strength and energy willing to give of both to others, a visionary with the sense to know things work in transitional phases and what works for one may not for another, a person people are drawn to for instruction and wisdom, a pupil of knowledge and life always curious and ambitious in both, a person who can sit quietly and contemplate life, and a person who will listen with intent and hope those seeking his guidance.

I remember the first time walking into the TKC studio