What people are saying about training at TKC

May 3, 2020

Miss Jacki is my hero. She is my success coach and she does a great job. First of all, I notice she is hard working and helps other people before her. When I have practice with Jacki, I notice she takes time to work with the group. The pioneers she gives out are great. If we are doing 1-20 count, Jacki helps us because so e times we are not aiming our weapon correctly. Jacki is respectful when she tells us what we are expected of.

I knew from when I got picked in Jacks group, I would always remember the times Jacki helped me. She is not the type of person who tries to go through everything at once. If I or someone else messes up, Miss Jacki will take her time and help us. She takes her time and is doing her best to help us during our journey. My mom and I always agree that Miss Jacki is doing gore than she has to.

Miss Jacki is a great hero.

Miss Jacki is my hero.