What people are saying about training at TKC

May 2, 2020

Hi Fariborz,

I have an interesting story for you. Many years ago, you will remember my daughters Stephania and Hilary were enrolled in your classes. Both had attained the level of green belt when, sadly, we had to drop the lessons. But Stephania entered 6th grade a few months later. One day, as she was exiting a classroom, a boy just behind her said about her girlfriend, who was out of earshot, “That so-and-so is a little b—-!” Stephania turned around, looked up at the boy (who was about a head taller than she) and said “Don not you call my friend a b—-!” He said, well, you are a little b—- too. Stephania palm slapped him (a wonderful roundhouse right to the face), knocked him down and left a hand print on his face. The bully broke into tears and went running to the teacher. Funny thing. She was never again challenged after that…. I think your classes are wonderful for instilling confidence and great life principles in our children. Keep up the good work…..

By the way, now Stephania is 28 years old, a newlywed, just became a registered nurse and is practicing in the Pediatric ICU at Loma Linda Medical Center in Loma Linda, California.

Mix Family