What people are saying about training at TKC

May 3, 2020

Mr. Fariborz is also one of the most kindest person I have ever met. Mr. Fariborz was always there for me for anything. To any curriculum i needed to learn at that time, any personal problems i ever had he was always there. Mr. Fariborz truly made me look at things a different way. He has made me who I am today. I did not know the true meaning of respect before i met him. We so many talks on what I needed to do at TKC. At that young age i felt like everything he was telling me was about something i did wrong or doing wrong. At some points I would get very frustrated because I would feel like it was too much, but looking back it I could not be more glad that he did that. Because of that I am who I am. I am a lot more confident in my self than what I was and my respect level increased. I know I am still very young but i feel a lot older than what I am because of what Mr. Fariborz helped me with. Also Mr. Fariborz is a very giving person. He gives, gives, and gives but never expects anything in return and I look up to hip because of that and for many other ways. Thank you Mr. Fariborz for helping me with whatever i need help with, being a mentor having someone to look up to, and having someone to talk to. You were a father figure to me when i needed one and you still are. Thank you Sir!

Mr. Fariborz is also one of the most kindest person