What people are saying about training at TKC

May 3, 2020

One sensei I admire is Mr. Justin. He manages to teach while everyones laughing. He is a great teacher. I love how he mixes comedy with work. He also has this way of making boring things more fun.

One time he did this was after a boring day of forms he had us do sword shield fight. He also has a way of connecting with his students. You really feel like you accomplished a lot. He also shows a lot of ways to do one thing.

Personally hes always been there for me. After class hes an entirely different person. We share jokes and talk about funny things right after a crazy workout at the end of class. He also has his own way of things. In my opinion Mr. Justin is the most up beet and funny sensei there is.

One sensei I admire is Mr. Justin.