What people are saying about training at TKC

May 2, 2020

Dear Linda,

Now that Reilly is about to test for her Black Belt in the Little Ninjas I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The entire journey from her White belt to this point has been nothing short of incredible.

I remember when Carolyn and I brought Reilly to TKC for a trial lesson in July of 2007 at five years old. Reilly was enrolled in ballet and gymnastics and for some reason did not want to try Karate, we literally asked her for months. It turned out that she was afraid to get hit and equally afraid to do her keyops (can you correct the spelling) because she thought people would laugh at her. After meeting you, and doing her trial lesson, Reilly was hooked, she immediately dropped her gymnastics class and within a month was attending your class three times a week. She became one dedicated Little Ninja, thanks to you and your caring team.

Carolyn and I loved the nurturing environment you created, it didnt take more than one or two lessons to get over her fears. We worked very diligently with her from the day she was born to understand respect and caring, your classes reinforced that and taught her about community, helping and discipline. I think together she is shaping up to be an incredible young lady. Reilly has never asked to miss a class and attended nearly every one since she started except for when the studio was closed or she had a cold. I dont know if determination like that came from within or you brought it out, but I think that is incredible for a 5 or 6 year old. Reilly came to your Halloween events and even had the best birthday party of her life (so far) at the studio. I know it sounds like I am gushing here, but you deserve a lot of credit for helping Reilly as well as all of the other kids your teaching. Reilly loves that youve let her help with the White Belt class on Saturdays after her class, it means so much to her to pass on what she has learned as well as be your helper.

On a final note, Reilly started first grade in September, on the first day of class the teacher handed out a form for the children to fill out, asking them questions like name, address, pets and what you want to be when you grow up. Reilly answered that last question that she wants to be a Karate Instructor when she grows up.
Once again Linda, THANK YOU for being such an amazing part of our daughters life.

Kindest Regards,

Scott Leibow, (Reillys Dad)