What people are saying about training at TKC

May 2, 2020

Greetings Sensei Fariborz,

I want to tell you about how TKC has become a huge part of our Families life.

When Reilly turned four years old, her Mom and I suggested that she try karate, she was already doing ballet and gymnastics. Oh I can not tell you how much she did NOT want to go to try it out, she was too young still to articulate why she did not want to go, just that she did not want to.

After two or three months, she finally agreed to take one class. On that day, Reilly met Sensei Linda and her life changed forever. Linda made her feel comfortable and by the end of the first class, Reilly signed up for twice a week. Within 2 months, Reilly changed to three times a week and so on. Our baby was in the first group of Little Ninjas to go from white belt all the way through to achieve her black belt. We can never thank Linda enough for this.

Reilly had two of her birthday parties back to back at TKC and wanted a third. Everyone has become like family there that Reillys relatives all live on the east coast so she wanted her TKC family to share her parties.

The next week, Reilly started all over again with the bigger kids, we thought she may get intimidated, she did not. Reilly does get emotional if she does not do things right, or gets hurt, we let her cry, and the TKC staff helped her through those times., eventually you invited her to become part of your SWAT team, Reilly showed up every time, ready to do what was necessary, this included her learning to type you notes on her computer as to her progress. Eventually she passed and one of the proudest moments of her life is when she got to wear her blue uniform and help out on the mat.Reilly loves being able to asset in the classes and wears her uniform with pride each time.

Then, Reilly took private lessons from you on Saturdays and your teaching ability helped her realize why she was doing the things she was asked, instead of just doing them. We watched Reilly grow from this experience and when she jumped from the youth class to the Teen class at 8 years old, she was ready to take on the world. Of course there have been ups and downs and setbacks to go with the advances, but when Jason tested Reilly for her red belt and gave her the nickname “Mighty Mouse” for her abilities at such a young 9 years old and 62 pounds, she got it.I think the last five years came together that night and Reilly is staggeringly focused on achieving her black belt this October.

We all are grateful to You, Linda, Faramarz and all of the instructors that have helped Reilly get to where she is today as a martial artist and a person.

Thank you

In case you could not tell, Reillys proud father.

Scott Leibow