What people are saying about training at TKC

May 3, 2020

Sensei Fariborz is a major inspiration to me. His goal to better people and improve lives is what everyone should do in their lives. He is the best example of a father that I have ever seen. My father has not been a good role model and even encouraged me to party and drink. (buying me my first fake ID at 15). He did not want me to go to college, but wanted me to be a rockstar, but then took credit for my achievement at my graduation. He never invested any effort in bettering my life. Watching Sensei Fariborz with his children and seeing how dedicated of a father he is makes me feel happy that there are great dads out there. His journals for his children for everyday of their lives is genius. I will do this for my children as well… Something that they can cherish long after I am gone.

I used to drink a lot and the fact that It was obvious to others was made clear to me by Sensei Fariborz. Once he told me, I made an immediate change and have not looked back. Sensei Fariborz has helped in ways no one (not even himself) would know. He pushes me to be better, do better and do more without even saying anything. I am honored to be his student.

Sensei Fariborz is a major inspiration to me