What people are saying about training at TKC

May 2, 2020

Our family became involved with Team Karate centers when our son was just five years old and was invited to a birthday party at the studio that changed our lives forever.Right after that party Jared joined the little kids program and stayed there until he was promoted to the teen classes.He has trained consistently without stopping and now he is fourteen years old and a second degree black belt in the adult classes .His training inspired my husband Bill ,my daughter, Ava and I to join one after the other and ultimately we all got our black belts and became a martial arts family.we have been changed by the experience and as parents it has enabled us to stay connected to our kids and to have a common family interest together which also fostered individual growth. It is true that we have concentrated on fighting and primarily wanted to be able to defend ourselves and what we got as a bonus were some very useful tools for living. Mr.Fariborz has been our master instructor and has enabled us to learn mixed martial arts and has introduced us to concepts and people that have been valuable and enriching .Although all of us in our family have different goals and aspirations for practicing martial arts i think we could all agree that the experience has been one that has shaped each one of us in a positive way.

Terri Recchia