Martial Art Classes in Woodland Hills

Fun, Safe and Awesome Kids Martial Arts

that provides them with constant challenge, so they never get bored. Fun and games let their playful sides emerge. And structure gives them a foundation to grow and learn about respect, discipline, and more.

Adults Martial Arts

Learn kicks, punches, throws, joint locks, trapping and grappling techniques… as well as how to use your opponent’s own power against them in our fun, challenging, motivating, life-changing TKC culture.

Revolutionary Fitness Kickboxing

The funnest, most fat-melting workout on the planet has arrived. Our fitness kickboxing classes have been called “so fun they’re addicting.” And there’s good reason for it … Click here to find out how you can join now.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Learn more about TKC’s effective, challenging, safe and fun Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program that is based on our “blend” which is “multi-cultural martial arts based on usefulness” for kids, teens and adults.